Furry & Fabulous Mobile Dog Grooming is a fully contained and independent mobile pet salon that provides professional grooming done at your home/work.  We will arrive at your location to groom your pet, which will save you time and spare your pet from undue stress.

Advantages of Mobile Grooming:

  • Vehicle is completely self contained for grooming

  • Convenient and time saving for you

  • Separation anxiety is minimized or eliminated

  • One-on-one personalized time with your pet

  • Dogs do not need to be transported to and from a salon. Great for multi-pet households!

  • No exposure to other animals.

  • High quality products

  • A clean, groomed pet is a happy pet!

The Mobile Salon

A panoramic View of the grooming area

About the Stylist

Owner and professional pet stylist Cassandra is a member of the IGA (Intellectual Groomer's Association) She is certified in pet CPR and first aid. She frequently attends trade shows, seminars and classes to improve her grooming skills and knowledge, and is working towards certification through the IGA.  

Cassandra's goal is to provide the best grooming experience possible for her furry and human clients by using high quality products and creating a low stress, relaxing atmosphere through gentle and compassionate handling.  She believes in building relationships first and foremost and hopes you will give her a chance to be your furever groomer!